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about  Hetian Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.was founded in 1998 , is located in Wuhu County, Wuhu Economic Development Zone , close to Xuan Wu highway . The total area of approximately 92,000 square meters .
Company specializing in the automotive industry chassis system damping rubber parts, steering control arm suspension system manufacturing . At home and abroad has become world famous auto companies and international aftermarket OEM customers an excellent supplier . Products include hydraulic engine mount dampers , gearbox suspension shock absorbers, shock absorber rubber isolation block , rubber-metal bushings, forged aluminum control arms, control arm wrought iron , wrought aluminum steering knuckles , etc. more than 5000 various other varieties of products, covering Germany, France , Italy, United States, Japan , Korea and other several carts series products are exported to Europe, North America , South America and other countries and regions and favored by customers.
The company has a complete metallurgical , precision measurement , physical testing equipment and advanced testing technology , with world -class manufacturing processes , is a provincial enterprise technology center.
Hetian Companies adhering to the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence " spirit, always put the leading technology , excellent quality and considerate service first, in order to meet all customer needs.
The best price, the best products in a timely manner , quickly sent to every corner of the world , for the world's public to provide a safe and comfortable car journey Life is Hetian staff unremitting pursuit.